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Edible Oil

Edible oils are most often plant-based oils. While there are dozens of edible oils available, we have concentrated our expertise on supplying and exporting only a few. These are virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, extra virgin coldpressed coconut oil, virgin cold-pressed mustard oil, virgin cold-pressed groundnut oil, and moringa oil. These oils are used widely for cooking and cosmetic purposes. We source and procure these oils from producers with known credibility. We take a step ahead by testing and processing the oils before we package them and deliver them to our clients locally and internationally. We are confident in the products we deliver to our clients.

Organic Spices

All over the world, India is renowned for its abundance of food spices. Today, the popularity of Organic Spices continues to soar, as more individuals include them in their delicacies. Organic Spices were created to enhance the taste of food, adding nutritional and health benefits to the body.

They also provide aroma, colour and texture. Organic Spices are irreplaceable for the modern-day cook who appreciates distinct flavours from credible sources. M2 Exports India offers an extensive selection of the purest, most flavourful, organically grown spices from the best sources in India. We export various Organic Spices such as Cardamom, Black Pepper,

Essential Oil

Essential Oils are concentrated plant extracts. The importance of Essential Oils cannot be overestimated. Essential Oils are mostly used in aromatherapy, which is a form of alternative therapy that uses plant extracts to support health and well-being. They are extracted from plants and are called by the name of the plant from which they are derived, such as Tea Tree Oil, Vetiver Oil, Lavender Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Citronella Oil, Basil Oil, Orange Oil, Clove Oil, Cedarwood Oil. The way the Oils are extracted and processed is important.

At M2 Exports India, we are proud exporters of these natural, valuable products, thereby causing several

Industrial Chemicals & Minerals

Industrial Chemicals are developed for use in industrial operations. We export a wide range of Industrial Chemicals such as construction chemicals and mineral aggregates such as Silica Fume, Precipitated Silica, Silica flour, Aluminium Oxide, Vermiculate Iron Oxide etc. and Organic Agricultural products like Cocopeat, Growing Media etc. These chemicals are of great importance for wide applications in several industries.

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